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Gravity4 Marketing Cloud

Why do we call the Gravity4 Marketing Cloud our Mona Lisa?

G4 Search

Paid Search

Optimization Platform

G4 Native

Facebook Native & Mobile Ads

Multi-Channel Native Exchange

G4 Programmatic




Cross-Screen Data Management Platform Native Search Programmatic

Enterprise App Center

What Does The G4 Process Look Like?

Target & Launch

Target & Launch

Create powerful funnels to target specific users based on location device, OS, app version, and more.

Engage & Optimize

Engage & Optimize

Monitor retention, loyalty, installs, and much more.

Report & Analyze

Report & Analyze

Measure just about anything a user does in your app.

Target and Launch

Customer Journey

Attract, Engage and Connect with audiences in every stage of the purchase funnel.



The Gravity4 Marketing Cloud targets consumers with brand messages in order to promote attention & drive down the purchase path.



Understanding when a consumer can be influenced, and what they're receptive to is the focal point of our solution.



By analyzing user attributes, Gravity4 is able to target and maximize ad exposures to users making purchase decisions.



Whatever the action, Gravity4 can track and optimize to the valued result, and drive perpetual efficiencies.

High Frequency Marketing

Your time is valuable, work smarter with the Gravity4 Marketing Cloud.

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