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Confused which media channel, device, or platform to market your audience on?

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Our A.I. assistant makes marketing exponentially profitable.


Leverage the global programmatic marketplace for efficiency using machine learning to target audiences across devices.

Artificial Intelligence

As connected devices proliferate and voice activated gadgets become ubiquitous across the globe, let Mona Lisa manage, create & buy meaningful audience clusters.


Create hyper-personalized messaging through seamless integration.

Utilize AI technology to apply semantical metadata to media assets automatically, eliminating the need for exhaustive manual tag curation.

Technology has evolved.

Human behaviors are ever changing daily. It is more important than ever to have an omnichannel view of the audience across devices for highly personalized and relevant conversations.

Improve customer relationships through hyper-personalized messaging. Artificial Intelligence has enabled digital marketing exponentially and removed the tedious and laborious complexities, giving brand marketers time to focus on what they do best, leaving the manual tasks for AI.

G4 Marketing Cloud automates the process of buying and selling ad inventory by combining the power of AI and real-time programmatic bidding for global access to inventory across mobile, display, video and social channels.

AI Solutions

Operational savingsOperational savings

  • AI solutions self-learns and improves its own decisioning
  • Eliminate waste of branding budgets. Know which % of your digital budget is yielding value.
  • Direct marketing efforts towards high value & productive tasks
  • Remove redundant tasks from media buying workflow

Hyper-customizable user experiences Hyper-customizable user experiences

  • Don’t serve the same ad to millions across various device. Instead:
  • AI serves a tailored message across each device platform.
  • AI powered creative micro-testing
  • Accurate messaging decisions across omni-channel

Intelligent insights Intelligent insights

  • Audience clusters updated with the inflow of data stream
  • Real-Time update from analysis data processing
  • Let AI identify marketable audience opportunities

Brand Safety Brand Safety

  • Increase Transparency
  • Text Translation
  • Image Recognition

ONE Click Platform

According to a research conducted by Forrester, 58% of marketers say they want the simplicity of a single product suite, less than 20% believe they can actually get everything they need from a single vendor.

Source: Forrester

We believe data and media silos make it difficult for marketers to have a collective & holistic view of their digital marketing strategy.

What Does The G4 Process Look Like?

Our intuitive interface brings the power of a full enterprise technology platform to your fingertips.

G4 ProcessG4 Process

Mona Lisa in Action

Mona Lisa in ActionMona Lisa in Action

Customer Journey

Attract, Engage and Connect with audiences in every stage of the purchase funnel.



Harness the brand feedback and engagement across channels & devices. Make any customer interaction & engagement actionable.



Understand when a consumer can be influenced. Leverage real-time audience persona, consumer habits, and customer’s brand loyalty value.



Utilize predictive algorithms to understand the transactional influx point of the consumers.



Understand the analytics. Access lifetime value of customers to leverage and implement initiatives that extend the lifespan of a customer through brand loyalty, increased frequency of visits, purchases and development hyper-targeted marketing campaigns.

High Frequency Marketing

Your time is valuable, work smarter with the Gravity4 Marketing Cloud.