An Open Letter From Our Chief of Staff, Head of Global Recruiting, and Chairman & CEO.

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Michelle Louangamath, female, age 39, Chief of Staff, to the office of the Chairman & CEO of Gravity4, Inc., Gurbaksh Chahal. “I was employee #3 of 136, in the last 9 months. Allegations like Erika’s make it bad for women, such as myself, to advance in our own careers, the right way.”

Here are simple facts about Erika Alonso’s employment.

  • Erika Alonso began employment with Gravity4 on December 15th 2014.
  • During her 6-week tenure as SVP Marketing, her last day was January 28th, 2015.
  • In those 6 weeks (which included holidays and time off), she failed to produce any tasks assigned by her direct report, Wayne Powers, President of Gravity4.
  • Once Erika Alonso, was terminated, we learned she also breached various employment agreements with Gravity4, one of which, included continuing to work at her former company, Piccing, Inc.
  • After reviewing the complaint, it is just a sad desperate cry for publicity because of the recent Ellen Pao case. I’m also appalled at her not realizing the harm it could cause the hard-working employees, both male and female, that have put their hearts and souls into working for Gravity4. And, of course sadly this at the end of the day, is about money.

My name is Staci King, female, age 40, Director of Global Recruiting, and am responsible for all global hiring. “We do not hire based on gender, age or ethnicity, only based on qualifications of the job. We also do not operate any surveillance equipment in our office for interviewing purposes. The amount of false accusations in this claim, make me disappointed I had placed such a person at Gravity4 that put the company in harms way.

We have always supported Gurbaksh Chahal and will continue to do so, and will continue to hire only the best talent for the Company, globally.

As Chairman and CEO of Gravity4, I am shocked at these allegations, as they’re simply baseless, false, and can not be supported by facts. We are very clear on knowing what the motives were on having this case filed, and look forward to defending it and clearing the name of Gravity4 based on actual facts.”

I applaud all of my hard-working employees regardless of their age, gender, or race that have grown Gravity4 to become my biggest success yet, in just these 9 months.


Michelle Louangamath, Staci King, and Gurbaksh Chahal