Enterprise App Center

  • TRIM

    URL shortening tool with vanity domain capabilities, and rich engagement analytics


    Content sharing tool that syncs with social media and organic (cut and paste) sharing


    Social media management software that automates control and provides rich analytics & insights.

  • CRM.ME

    Customer relationship management software powered with gamification.


    Email design and delivery with deep integrations into CRM workflows


    Mobile SDK and analytics package

  • G4 Lead Management

    Automates the gap between marketing and sales for automated lead management

  • SpotU

    platform with the ability to serve dynamic creative/ advertising into any HTML email platform.

  • RM5

    Powerfully engaging, full screen, interactive mobile interstitials powered by HTML5.

  • TheGenesis

    Enterprise Social Media app for the entertainment & music industry to capture real time data of their social audiences to target fans.

High Frequency Marketing

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