G4 Marketing Cloud powered by Mona Lisa

  • Anticipate What Audiences Want

    • Designed to disrupt the software and advertising industries together
    • Automating a $200 billion market through artificial intelligence
    • Focus is on analytics and predictive targeting through Artificial Intelligence
    • Access to an omni-channel programmatic advertising platform – at global scale
    • Gives brands​ ​unparalleled access to the cutting edge data science technology
    • Creating meaningful connections between brands and consumers
  • Omni-Channel Demand Side Platform

    • Deliver personalized, always on, brand messaging experience – programmatically.
    • Leverage Gravity4’s Artificial Intelligence machine learning algorithms to anticipate consumer’s interests with access to real-time data.
  • Data Management Platform (DMP)

    • Using REST APIs, enhance existing or create new data driven applications.
    • Apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms and make actionable audience insights.
    • Using Machine Learning’s predictive capabilities, get ahead of real time and anticipate what audiences want.
  • Enterprise App Center

    • Deploy the Gravity4’s enterprise application suite, enabled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to intuitively manage your social presence and outreach.
    • Create first-party data to create detailed 360-degree consumer profiles.
    • Leverage natural language processing (NLP) and understand audience interests, requirements, and behaviors at a granular level.

High Frequency Marketing

Your time is valuable, work smarter with the Gravity4 Marketing Cloud.